Smile Medicine

A commitment to excellence


•  Comprehensive  |  Treat the person and not just the teeth
•  Competent     |  State-of-the-art technology and up-to-date know-how
•  Pro-Active   |  A concept of Health Preservation rather than disease management

Our services go beyond just dentistry. We believe the best service a doctor can offer is Knowledge how to preserve health and prevent disease.

A Partnership through Knowledge

Knowing how to self-interpret early signs and ask the right questions are the best prevention. As free service to his patients, Dr.-med. stom., D.D.S. Costin Marinescu offers a partnership through the knowledge that facilitates doctor-patient communications, enhancing the chances of preventing disease. His handbook – “A Collection of Blogs” answer the most frequently asked questions in dentistry and lays the foundation for a Knowledge-based / Evidence-based partnership.


What is so special about teeth?! {video}

Costin Marinescu, dr.-medic stom., D.D.S. is an American dentist with extensive training, practice and teaching experience in the USA and Europe. He is specialized in advanced restorative dentistry and preventive oral medicine. As a person, he is coming from a family of doctors who dedicated their lives and careers to caring for people. His practice employs a Complete Body Approach including the systemic immunity, individual nutritional profile, material biocompatibility, functional equilibrium and facially-integrated smile design. 

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Children’s Preventive Care

Smile Design

Smile aesthetics is a concept developed to explain the visual quality of the smile when people elicit emotions and interact with other people. The emotions generated through aesthetic interaction are completely opposite than intellectual reasoning. However, we use science to explain the “fabric” of aesthetics and how to create it.  In most cases, Nature offers an infinite supply of knowledge how to recreate aesthetics.

It is important for us, the clinicians, to understand what patients are experiencing while interacting with aesthetics. The key is taking the time to establish a communication with the patient so the personal preferences, the individual cultural and social perception of beauty can be discovered. Only than the doctor can tailor the treatment for a result that not only restores the form and function but is so well integrated that it is invisible.

How we actually do it?

This video outlines our concept:

B.A.F.C. – Biology | Aesthetics | Function | Character


The result of our Smile Design technique: