A Collection of Blogs

In sharing knowledge lies the power
of discovering new ideas

Information at the right time and related to the right question is invaluable, especially in medicine. It could mean the difference between restoring health by removing the cause or postponing health by addressing just the symptoms.

That is why, nowadays, doctors have to communicate as much as they treat patients. Having an informed patient as a partner in treatment has a distinctly positive effect on treatment efficiency, comfort, and permanency of results. Modern medicine is addressing the risk factors rather than the pathology, intercepting the disease in its early stages or even preventing its inception.

In my over twenty years of practicing dentistry, patients asked me many questions related to teeth, gums, chewing, smiling… A question is the perfect opportunity for discovery. Our job as doctors is not to tell patients what to do! It is to facilitate the next question so the discovery process can continue and together understand what it takes to restore as well as preserve Health.

From a multitude of patient questions, I selected a few, the most relevant in my opinion and I answered them based on the current stand of medical research. Today, I am excited to announce the first edition of my printed blog book – “A Collection of Blogs” – dedicated to everyone looking for answers or simply wanting to know more about oral health and the art of a beautiful smile.