Children’s Preventive Care

Children’s development is sometimes challenged by breathing issues – snoring, sleep apnea – associated with grinding teeth, clenching and the unequal development of the jaws. Studies quoted by the American Sleep Apnea Association show that up to 30% of children suffer from some type of sleep problem:

  • Age 2-15: Nightmares – 30%
  • Age 3-10: Sleepwalking – 25-30%. 
  • Insomnia: 23%
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding): 10%

A correlation exists between the quality of sleep, breathing, bite problems and the overall brain development. 

Our practice together with Munich International School, Bavarian International School, and European School Munich are screening the children between 3 and 18 years old for breathing/grinding issues and is working together with Ear-Nose-Throat and Orthodontics specialists to ensure the proper development, optimum breathing and protection of the tooth structures.

Is your child is at risk?

We are licensed by the University of Michigan to use their screening questionnaire for sleep apnea in children:


Instructions how to fill it out >

Please return it to our office for review.
Fax# (+49) 89 / 22 58 32 or E-mail: contact (at)
We will get back to you with conclusions and recommendations – completely free of charge. 

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  1. Many adults suffering from Bruxism – clenching and grinding or snoring – a precursor of sleep apnea, have also done it since they were children. It turns out there is a link between the two and it can be addressed with proper diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment during childhood.

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