Story of a Smile

For me, it all started when my father told me I can help people never experience teeth-related pain and help them smile from their hearts. My father is a passionate dentist who never stopped learning – I remember him “hiding” in the library in the weekends, picking up a book tirelessly trying to further his knowledge helping his patients better. 

A while after it came New York. I was lucky to find another amazing doctor, president of the American Equilibration Society and faculty of Columbia University, who “picked me up” and started teaching me everything he knows.

Together with Dr. Kenneth Jackier, New York 2017

All he asked from me in return is to pursue and pass on the passion for Excellence in Caring for People. I spent with him 3 years studying, treating patients and studying again. This time working with Dr. Ken Jackier were the most intense years of my life, absorbing exquisite knowledge from a lifetime of experience.

Upon my relocation to Los Angeles and starting to teach with UCLA School of Dentistry, it became clear to me how to best practice dentistry scientifically and empathically. The Human Smile is fascinating in its complexity and through the poignant emotions it conveys. So, while I was helping patients staying healthy and achieving the smile of their dreams, I started putting together few images of the people and the places in my life.

Place: Los Angeles


Place: Munich

The Future:

A new practice in the heart of Munich and  an exceptional portal of health are coming soon…