Story of a Smile

For Costin, it all started when his father told him that he can help people never experience teeth-related pain and help them smile from their hearts. His father is a passionate dentist who never stopped learning – Costin remembers how he was “hiding” in the library on the weekends, picking up a book tirelessly trying to further his knowledge. 

A while after it came New York. Costin found another amazing doctor, president of the American Equilibration Society and faculty of Columbia University, who “picked him up” and started teaching him everything about aesthetic and functional dentistry.

Together with Dr. Kenneth Jackier, New York 2017

All he asked in return is for Costin to pursue and pass on the passion for Excellence in Caring for People. He spent with him three years studying, treating patients and studying again. Working with Dr. Ken Jackier were the most academically intense years of his life, absorbing exquisite knowledge from over 50 years of experience.

Costin was thereafter invited to teach at UCLA School of Dentistry so he relocated to Los Angeles. He practiced in the UCLA Medical Center – Faculty Practice in Westwood, in private practices in Newport Beach and in Encino. He also opened his own private clinic in Tulare, California, in the shadow of the Sequoia trees from the central valley of California.

Upon meeting his wife Diana, Costin relocated to Munich, Germany where he opened a private practice that concentrates all his experience and knowledge accumulated over the years.

Los Angeles (2003-2013)


Munich (2013-present)