Probiotics in Modern Dentistry

Did you know that there is Good and Bad mouth bacteria?!

The human mouth contains over 700 strains of pathogens and their balanced coexistence is the key. Influencing that balance by promoting more Good Bacteria has been proven to diminish chronic periodontal inflammation (gum disease) by colonizing the tooth surfaces (and even implant or abutment surfaces) and preventing Bad Bacteria from developing. Products such as Perio Balance from Gum USA or BioGaia Prodentis from Sweden are providing a “new weapon” in the Preventive Dentistry arsenal – Lactobacillus Reuteri Prodentis (LRP).

Pink Probiotics

The first article published in 2009 on LRP showed very encouraging results in preventing the development of gingival inflammation and the latest studies support the revolutionary findings.

What does that mean for the patients suffering with chronic periodontal inflammation?
in Germany those are about 70.9%, in the 35-44 years age group and 87.4% in the 65-74 years age group, with one-fourth and respectively one-half presenting severe forms.

In our experience, periodontal therapy together with probiotic treatment has an astounding success through rapid healing and delayed biofilm build-up on the teeth. Even dental implants are benefiting of probiotics by diminishing the peri-mucositis risk (soft tissue inflammation around the implant).

What are the benefits of using Probiotics?!
  • Lower risk of irreversible gingival recession and bone loss.
  • Longer intervals between periodontal maintenance appointments.
  • Better chance of maintaining a beautiful smile for a lifetime – the proportions Pink / White / Shadow are preserved.

However, probiotics don’t cure periodontal disease. They considerably enhance the treatment efficiency only if diagnosis and therapy are accurately performed. If you are one of those 70-80% having recurrent mouth issues, Probiotics might be your best ally in naturally and non-intrusively helping your body fight Bad Bacteria.

Costin Marinescu
Dr.-medic stom., D.D.S. (USA)