What is Beauty?

First of all, Beauty lies within our perception. We experience it about others and we are very subjective when we evaluate ours. So the question is: how do we see others beautiful?! Tip: it is not only the looks.



In his 1753 book “The Analysis of Beauty”, William Hogarth outlined the principles lying at the foundation of visual aesthetics. It is not the individual details that matter but the way they “fit together while in movement – function”, the “variety”, “regularity”, “simplicity”, “intricacy” and only lastly “quantity”. In his analysis, an S-shape curve (serpentine line) is the ultimate reflection of beauty, exuding dynamism.


But this is just half of the story: aesthetic parameters in movement need a purpose. The most powerful human motivator is happiness. The emotion that “gives us wings” also makes us look more beautiful than we can ever imagine. From far away we can see happiness : rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, chin up and a big, big smile! Often hands rise up to touch the sky… We all know how it feels: it is grandiose. We are constantly on the pursuit of happiness and we have a fine eye for seeing it in others, perceiving them as beautiful. This has been also extensively researched with surprising results about the smile alone:

So, how we can we restore beauty?! Quite simple: in the heart and in the details that reflect what we feel – appearance. Do the smile, face, hair, skin tone need to be specifically designed to show happiness or the other way around: to communicate happiness?! Displaying happiness without the true inner energy is basically a cosmetic cover-up (a mask). Reflecting actual inner joy is much more powerful and does not require all aesthetic details to be perfect. We have a fine sense for detecting the difference: we can feel the energy / glow / character. Imperfect aesthetic parameters of the face and smile are seen more beautiful in the presence of emotion, being labeled as “character-carriers”. For instance, a fine balance between imperfection and apparent symmetry complements the aesthetics of a smile.

Can aesthetic medicine/dentistry help?! Only through restoring Health so the energy robbed by disease or dysfunction can then be transformed extrovertly into joy. All we have to do is restore the “fitness”, “function” and “intricacy” of the body; beauty is just a pleasant side effect of health and happiness.

Costin Marinescu
Dr.-medic stom., D.D.S. (USA)